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Benefits of Investing in Affordable Properties

While there are plenty of real estate development investment options these days, most of them appear to be based on high-rent luxury complexes aimed solely at the wealthy. However, there are some unexpected benefits to investing in affordable properties or housing developments. While affordable housing may not appear to be as glamorous or exciting as other areas of one’s portfolio, it does provide investors with consistent revenue streams while also working to develop the community.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in affordable properties that you may not be aware of.

5 Key Benefits of Investing in Affordable Properties

Benefits of Investing in Affordable Properties
  • High And Speedy Appreciation

The projects in the affordable class are located on the outskirts of the city, which are currently underdeveloped, thus the properties are accessible at a low cost. The main city’s growth has reached its apex, and the focus has now switched to the city’s periphery. These places are gaining traction, and infrastructure is improving at a rapid pace. For developers and purchasers, there are numerous options to invest in the cheap segment and earn a good return in the future.

  • Limited Risk

The danger involved in purchasing a property is the first thing that concerns an investor, and this risk exists in every investing channel. Unlike stocks or gold, however, affordable homes have a lesser risk of loss due to the lower money required, and one may be assured of receiving returns. These low-cost houses can also serve as a strong source of rental income, making them the greatest alternative for cautious investors.

  • High Resale Value

Because affordable housing projects are currently accessible for a low price, their resale value will be low. Because of their limited financial resources, many are willing to invest in resale properties. Increased demand for resale property has risen in tandem with an increased need for affordable homes.

  • High-End Market Saturation

The costs of luxury premium projects have already reached their top, and there is no more room for growth. Because the price difference between budget and premium luxury projects is too great, purchasers are gravitating toward the affordable category. Famous developers have begun to invest in the cheap category, which they see as having enormous potential.

  • High Returns

Property investments are the safest way to earn a decent return on investment, and with affordable property, you may resell it for a profit. These properties can also be rented out for a consistent source of income.

Affordable Villas Of OMG Properties

Affordable Villas Of OMG Properties

If you are aware of the benefits of investing in affordable properties and planning to invest, here are some of the top premium properties available in the market:

  • Amethyst Villas

OMG Properties Private Limited’s Amethyst is a thoughtfully designed 3-bedroom premium designer villa in Nedumbassery. This property for sale features spacious interiors including closed car parking, landscaping, a well-lit and clean internal road, consistent water and electricity supply, and more.In terms of location, Amethyst is in a neighborhood that is set for future price appreciation due to its proximity to Cochin International Airport and accessibility.

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  • Daffodil Garden Villas

Daffodil Garden Villas, a premium project under OMG Properties Private Limited, is an exceptional community of 15 3/4-bedroom villas of contemporary style that resemble the true spirit of peaceful living. Due to its proximity to Guruvayur highway and Peramangalam road, Daffodil Garden Villas is a convenient address away from the town’s bustle.

The benefits of a premium villa project, the security of a gated villa project, and the intimacy of a small community combine to make life at Daffodil Garden Villas an unforgettable experience.

  • OMG Signature

OMG Signature is located near Shornur Highway, just minutes away from the prominent artery Palakkad – Ponnani Highway. Its beautifully built 2 and 3 BHK villas, idyllic nature, and modern amenities provide the best possible slice of city life.

OMG Signature is a 75-acre development that features upscale villas with two and three bedrooms. Every Villa at OMG Signature is a stellar affair due to its captivating design, wonderfully vast rooms, and palatial ambiance.

  • OMG Magnus

OMG Magnus, a luxury development by OMG Properties Private Limited, is inspired by the best of the architectural tradition of displaying greenery and exceptional design.

The three-bedroom villas are located in a quiet residential area of Vaniyamkulam Town away from the city’s bustle. Each villa is built to meet your every need, whether it’s huge bedrooms and living areas, kitchen layout, or a portico that connects you to the beautiful outdoors.

  • Dahlia Villas

Dahlia Villas is a modern residential destination with nine premium 3 BHK duplex apartments near Marutharoad in Palakkad. In a lush, bustling community, each villa provides all of the space and solitude you desire. Dahlia Villas, designed by OMG’s skilled architects, combines Vaastu’s traditional wisdom, contemporary design and space-saving floor plans, and cutting-edge construction.

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If you want to invest in a home with a strong return on investment but are concerned about market fluctuations, going ahead with  the benefits of investing in affordable properties make the most out of your money.

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