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Why Millennials Choose Palakkad for Buying Houses?

Palakkad is an enchanting amalgamation of natural beauty, heritage, and modern viewpoints. The eclectic facets of the city have been attracting the attention of millennials. The segment of people, who have been known to take well-thought-out decisions. Consequently, reputed builders have come up with projects in different parts of the city.

We endeavour to deliver quality-built homes to our customers, at the prime locations in each district in Kerala. Therefore, you will find the apartments and villa projects in Palakkad, from OMG builders, located at the most sought after spots.

Reasons why millennials choose Palakkad for buying a house

Let’s look at the reasons for millennials choosing Palakkad for buying homes.

1. Reasonably Priced Property at the Right Location

As we have said in the introductory paragraph, Palakkad has all the good elements that people seek. Festooned with greenery, at the same time, embracing modernism, the place is loved by both young and old. When you buy a property in Palakkad, you will be situated close to the modern amenities and infrastructure facilities. At the same time, away from the clamour of the city. Having said that, the properties at prime and upscale localities in Palakkad are priced perfectly. Therefore, it doesn’t burden your budget.

Who would reject a serene stay among the soul-soothing green-filled fields and enticing surroundings?

2. Greater Growth Prospect 

Several novel projects, from both central and state government, are in the pipeline at different parts of the city. Commencement of those will change the appearance of the city extensively. One of those projects, IIT in Palakkad has already started functioning. Many national and international conglomerates have plans to establish their prime campuses in Palakkad. Once, the subject firms establish their entities and begin full-fledged operations, the property prices will skyrocket. Considering all these points, it is ideal to own a property in the city at the earliest.

3. Influx of NRIs

Non-Resident Indians (NRI) spent almost their entire lifetime in busy cities around the world. They had a stressful and tiring job. Hence, they want to settle in a calm place away from the hullabaloo of the city, wherein they can savour the beauty of life. Palakkad tops the list of places that offer such living conditions. The influx of NRIs has a significant effect on the real estate sector of Palakkad.

4. Quality Homes at Affordable Rates

You can buy an extravagantly built apartment, villa or house dotted with excellent luxurious amenities at affordable rates. Compare the price of an elegant home from a reputed builder in Palakkad with the home of the same configuration at any other location. You will find that the price of a home in any other city will be about double. Why spend exorbitantly when you can get an apartment, villa, or a house in Palakkad at a competitive price at one of the most sought after locations?

5. Live Close to Heritage

Many of us are losing our cultural heritage due to the surge of modern lifestyle. Palakkad is the place to reinvent our heritage and live close to it. You will find the beauty of old culture and custom returning to your life when you begin your life in Palakkad.

Houses for Sale in Palakkad

Houses for Sale in Palakkad

OMG Builders has apartment, villa and home projects situated at the prime locations in Palakkad. We have projects of varying price range considering people from different economic stature. We have premium luxury villas, budget-friendly villas and luxury duplex/ triplex at different spots in the city.

Each of our projects including KUBERA VILLA, Violet Homes, OMG The Address, Vivante Villas and OMG Lifestyles have been constructed after considering thorough and thoughtful designing concepts. Spaciously designed and elegantly crafted, OMG villas and apartments in Palakkad will render you a tranquil and joyful life.

Contact us and book a site visit today. 

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