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What makes Thrissur one of the Best Places in Kerala for Buying homes?

Dreaming of owning a home in Kerala, God’s own country? Well, you’re not alone! Kerala is one of the hottest real estate goldmines in India for a variety of reasons – the pleasant weather, the people, the culture, the food, the natural landscape, the scenic beauty…the list goes on. 

One of the most sought-after locations in Kerala to buy a home is undoubtedly the heart of the State – Thrissur. Famed for the Thrissur pooram, culturally enriched history, vibrant festivals, delectable cuisine, archeological and historical monuments, Thrissur is a homeowner’s paradise. 

Thrissur – One of the Best Places in Kerala for Buying Homes

One of the foremost districts in the state in terms of outstanding infrastructure and transportation facilities as well as prime localities for residential and commercial property, Thrissur is a real estate haven for those looking to settle down in Kerala. It would be difficult to pinpoint just one or two reasons that made Thrissur one of the best places in Kerala for buying a home; so we are here to give you 5 reasons why!

5 Reasons that made Thrissur one of the Best Places in Kerala for Buying Homes

Thrissur for Buying Homes Reasons
  1. Steeped in Culture and Natural Beauty

For the uninitiated, Thrissur is known as the cultural capital of Kerala. Home to cultural and literary institutions such as Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy, Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, and Kerala Sahitya Academy, Thrissur has birthed many literary geniuses and poets. Also being the home ground of the world-famous festival – Thrissur Pooram and entrenched with cultural, religious, literary, and spiritual institutions, Thrissur is a place that blends people across diversities seamlessly in sync. 

Not just about the literary or religious culture, the food scene at Thrissur is also a reflection of the richness in Kerala’s gastronomical evolution. 

Thrissur is also surrounded by the lushness of nature and calmness of nature in its periphery thanks to the Athirapally and Vazhachal waterfalls, Thrissur Kole wetlands, Vilangan hills and Peechi-Vazhani wildlife sanctuary to name a few. 

2. Prime Locations

When it comes to real estate, Thrissur boasts of prime locations for both commercial and residential properties. Be it the heart of the city or anywhere in its periphery, there is no dearth of pristine properties in Thrissur that are perfect for buying a home. The availability of basic and luxury amenities and accessibility to popular tourist destinations ensures the properties in Thrissur sell like hotcakes. 

Subsequently, all these have attracted many credible builders and developers to invest in the real estate sector in Thrissur which in turn makes Thrissur one of the best places to buy homes in Kerala.

3. Connectivity & Infrastructure

Linked seamlessly by road, rail, and air, Thrissur is a well-connected city within its geography as well as to neighbouring cities. A well oiled public transport network coupled with the best in infrastructure makes life in Thrissur one that is hassle-free and well paced. 

Thrissur railway station is situated right in the heart of the city, right next to the public bus stand as well. The nearest airports to Thrissur are Cochin International Airport located 50 km away, Kozhikode Airport 102 km away and Coimbatore Airport 129 km away.

4. Resale Value

If for some reason you are required to move out from Thrissur and sell your home, you can be assured of getting a good deal on your investment. In a place where there is a constant demand for properties, buying and selling your home would be a very easy and stress-free affair. Thrissur is thronged by real estate investors and players aplenty, which means getting a decent resale value and turning up a profit on your sale would be assured.

5. Return on Investment (RoI)

One of the biggest factors that comes into play when we plan on investing in real estate is the probable return on our investment. It is safe to say investing in real estate in a rapidly expanding and growing place like Thrissur assures you of constant growth and profits. You can keep your money safe with assured gains on your investment if you plan to buy a home in Thrissur.

Now that you have understood the benefits of buying a home in Thrissur, it’s time to look into the best available options for you. We at OMG Properties present you with Daffodil Garden Villas, a premium, investment-worthy, elite villa project in Thrissur, just 1 km off the Guruvayoor highway. For those looking for a gated community in Thrissur that provides an equal blend of modernity with greenery, Daffodil Garden Villa would be a perfect choice. 

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