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Tips to prepare your home for the monsoon

Tips to prepare your home for the monsoon

No matter how much we love the rain, sleeping in the rain while it drenches us is not fun at all. As a matter of fact, we love the rain from inside our houses. Sitting beside the window, watching the raindrops fall on the leaves, the smell of the earth after rain first hits the ground, cooling it down. All these instances with nature are lovable only from inside the home and not outside the house.
Plus, getting wet on a regular basis will definitely make us ill, very ill. So before the arrival of the mighty monsoon, it is a good idea to make our houses monsoon proof so that we can enjoy the rain from inside the house and spend blissful evenings.

Ready or not here we come …. 

Hailstorms, winds, dust, continuous heavy rain, all come together with the arrival of the monsoon season. In fact, the monsoon season announces its arrival with the wind blowing at a great velocity, shattering everything that is in the way and then the downpour starts.
And, surely waking up to dip .. dip.. dip is not pleasant enough. The Eco-friendly Homes of Palakkad are tough enough to withstand any season with ease.
So, here are a few ways in which we can protect ourselves during monsoon.

Getting ready for the monsoon 

  • A pre-monsoon inspection of the house is necessary

Checking the house all over for leakages and cracks is necessary. Damaged tiles cause seepage, loosely fitted window panes which might shatter if the wind blows hard and the corners of the house for any minor cracks, everything should be thoroughly checked.

  • The terrace should not be left out.

The terrace is where the rainwater accumulates. Ensuring that the roof and the terrace are free of any cracks will prevent dripping inside the house. A waterproof coating will serve the purpose very well. Replacing rusted pipes and checking the water drainage will allow free passage of the water.

  • Preventing the breeding of insects.

The damp, wet and soggy atmosphere and surroundings are optimal for various insects to breed. So keeping an eye in and around the house is important. Keeping a check for stored water near the drains can help in preventing mosquitoes.

  • The electric connection

We all know how electricity and water work when they combine together. And we surely do not want anything of that sort so sorting out any loose connections and plug points will prevent any kind of mishap

  • Cleaning out of the garage

The over-stuffed garage definitely needs a cleanup.  Parking the car on the streets during the monsoon is not at all a good idea. Falling branches and uprooting of huge trees is not uncommon during monsoon. Plus water may seep inside the care and engine if a flood occurs, which will cause great damage to the car. So it is best if the car is not standing on the streets and is inside the garage. This will protect the car from the hailstorms, rain and any damage due to uprooted trees and falling branches.

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