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Things to Consider before buying a House

Things to Consider before buying a House

With the number of areas gaining popularity with the new construction and building projects, it has become important for the consumer to get himself or herself educated, before signing the papers for the property. The following post will comprise of the various things that should be considered, read, understood and clarified with the sellers before buying a house.

Builder Reputation

Before you make the purchase, spend some time researching about the builder and his market reputation. There are numerous Builders in Palakkad that claim to be the best and generally have many disputes running over the completed projects owing to various clearances. To save money and efforts and of course your time, steer clear of any fishy name that offers a property that seems too good to be true and so much affordable.

Paperwork and Clearances

Inform yourself about all the clearances and approvals that are required to be obtained from various departments and confirm that the builder has all of them. If you don’t have much knowledge of the same, you can seek help from someone in your family or friend circle or even some reputed property expert. Palakkad is a very beautiful place in Kerala which is also a tourist attraction. Hence, if you are buying Villas in Palakkad, then you should check the locality; distance from the major tourist attractions; other amenities such as bus stand, police station, hospital and railway stations etc.

Materials and Construction Quality Information

When you are visiting the property, ensure that you check the quality of the materials that are installed. Though you just can’t do anything about the things you can’t see such as the bricks and cement etc; you can easily get a quality check done by inspecting the other things such as the fittings; plumbing and windows etc. Checking the place for any signs of water seepage or plaster falling off of the walls are the other such things.


Competitive Price vs Too-good-to-be-true price

Because there are a number of projects that are complete and are currently under process for the Villas in Angamaly, Otapalam and Palakkad etc; it is very difficult to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. Hence, instead of just getting fooled by the prices offered that might actually prove fatal for the bank accounts and happy existence in the long run, you should choose an offer that is the best competitive one.

Curiosity can SAVE you

When you are buying a house, you should be as curious as possible. Ask about the materials; the place; the design; the architecture and any other thing that comes to your mind. Maintenance Costs; membership charges; or any other such things that puzzle your mind should be asked and cleared with the agent or the broker. In fact, sometimes, you might stumble on some information or facts that can affect the purchasing decision.


Natural Views are good, but at what cost??

The Villas in Otapalam, Angamaly and Palakkad come with the blessing of good natural views and surroundings. But you should do a thorough check and get confirmed that the property has not underlying disputes in terms of approval for construction in nature sensitive zones and that the construction doesn’t come with any other regulations that might affect your life and property value in the future.

Budget and EMI Planning

One of the biggest mistakes people make while making the property purchase is thinking that the rent can balance the EMIs. Let us understand the situation in a better manner. Suppose you purchase one property from the Villas in Palakkad for investment purpose and rent it out. You took a loan from the bank with a perception that you can pay the EMI from the rent amount you will receive from the property. This equation gets out of order after some time and you find yourself as well as your pockets burdened by the bank loan and the other expenses.

Hence, plan your budget and only buy the properties that fit the budget.

Agent Selection

Your buying decision will depend a lot on the type of agent you choose. Don’t just get lured in by the fancy offices and English speaking agents that seem too friendly and inviting. Many agents land people in properties with disputes or with a questionable background and say bye-bye when any issues arise. Choose a property agent that has a good reputation; check out the reviews and ratings and you can also contact the previous buyers to have an idea of the person. Intelligent decisions will save you a lot of trouble.

The Art of Negotiation

Just like there are many other hidden costs with every property you buy; there is a master art that is used to counter these costs; which goes by the glorious name of Negotiation. Negotiate right and in the best way you can. If you think that you are not good at it, then put that ego thing aside for a while and take some help from any person in your circle that has great negotiation skills. Because the money saved will be useful for you; right??

Head over heart

There is a reason that God has put the head over your heart (Just for laughs). So, just put your head to use and don’t just indicate your emotions in the first go. Don’t get carried away by the strategic apartment staging and make a decision that proves good, profitable and is taken after careful examination of all the odds.
Rest, to know more and to buy the best Villas in Palakkad, Otapalam and Angamaly, visit and get that dream house yours; right away!!!

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