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Must follow checklist before buying a villa in Palakkad

Must Follow Checklist Before Buying a Villa in Palakkad

Are you looking for a villa in Palakkad? Being the green hub and the boundary of Kerala from the other states, there are various factors why people are choosing Palakkad as their next home destination. While there are many real estate players in the market, trying to capture your attention, please make sure that you ensure the value of your money by not entering into fraudulent transactions.  You need to consider the following individual preferential and legal documentation factors before buying villas in Palakkad.

Location and Neighborhood

When you are buying your dream house, it is inevitable to find a location that suits all your needs. Buying a villa or house is a big decision with long-term effects in your life. While considering such a purchase, it is important to make sure that the location is well connected. There should be easy access to hospitals, schools, religious establishments if you practice any particular religion, retail stores and such important utilities. Also, you should check the pollution level these days. You might not want to live in a noisy or smoky environment. Please make sure that the neighborhood is lively, accommodating and is friendly as well

Brand Value and Goodwill of the Builder

Since purchasing a villa is a big decision, you cannot make it in a single day. You have to do proper research and make sure that the builder you are considering to buy from hold a good reputation in the industry. Ensure their trustworthiness and learn about past projects before making such an important decision

Legal Documents Checklist

When you are buying a villa in Palakkad, you might want to make sure that you have covered all the legal points correctly so that there wouldn’t be an issue later. The most common occurrence while buying a property from a builder is that most of the times the builder and the landowner might not be the same person. Make sure that in such instances the agreements between them are legally binding for a longer period of time. You can demand to look at the legal agreement documentation, project commencement, project completion certificates and other legal document checklists. Also, make sure that the land of the property was not an agricultural land as it might cause difficulties in the future. Tax receipts, mutation documents, power of attorney, title deed, possession certificates, Nocs, the tenure of the land etc are the main documents you need to look at before signing the purchase agreement.

Facilities and Amenities

Make sure that the villa you want to purchase offer the basic and modern amenities you would like to enjoy. It might be helpful for you to keep an apartment checklist for amenities to get your priorities straight and right. Whether you like a swimming pool or gym facility, or a furnished apartment, this list will help you to organize your preferences.
If all the above elements come together at one place in Palakkad, you do not need to worry anymore. But if you are not comfortable dealing with legal matters, also do consult a lawyer and verify the documents before finalizing the deal. If that is taken care of, enjoy the beautiful villas in the lushes of Palakkad.

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