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Ideas for a Special Onam Home Decor

Your home will feel  festive thanks to these Onam decoration ideas, and your heart will be filled with joy.

Kerala celebrates Onam, a harvest festival, as a way to thank King Mahabali, who is said to visit each Malayali home at this lucky time of year. This ten-day celebration is a major event for the Malayali community and is observed during the first month of the Malayalam calendar (Chengam). This celebration is a big deal, with people decorating their entire home, donning new clothes, eating lavish feasts, and taking part in cultural events like the boat race and tiger dance.

Ideas for onam decor
Ideas for Onam Decor

Our way of life has changed significantly as a result of living through a pandemic for more than a year. We’ve discovered how to celebrate holidays and other significant occasions at home with our own friends and family.

In order to help you decorate your home for Onam, we’ve provided you with some straightforward yet traditional ideas. With our simple Onam decor ideas, you can create the greatest possible holiday atmosphere whether you live close to family or far away.

These Onam decoration ideas can help you to give your entranceway a touch of tradition.

onam pookkalam
Onam Decor ideas

A brightly adorned and designed doorway is thought to infuse a property with a lot of positive energy. Therefore, this Onam, adopt the appropriate decor for your hallway area to invite abundance. A tall brass lamp should be placed in the center of a lovely floral Rangoli, or “Pookalam” and gorgeous oil lights should be placed all around it. The joyful mood is perfectly complemented with Kathakali face art, a state symbol of craftsmanship, or wall hangings. Put flowers and torans in your doorway to decorate it. And you are prepared to welcome your guests as well as, most importantly, the Mahabali spirit.

Ideas For Onam Flower Decorations

onam decor
onam decor

Fresh flowers used liberally throughout your home are one of the easiest and most affordable methods to create a joyful atmosphere. They have a pleasing appearance, and their fragrant scent gives any room a calming atmosphere. Your living room or pooja room can be decorated with garlands, a toran made of fresh leaves, or even origami. We also offer some suggestions for Onam stage decorations. Make a small Rangoli in front of the chamber, design it with Diyas, or place a bowl of flowers and floating lamps on top of it. Then, bring in a few hanging lights to set all around pooja room. Set up the pooja necessities, and you’re ready to enjoy Onam while inhaling the delicious fragrance of blossoms!

Without Onam Sadya, Onam Is Not Complete

onam sadhya
Onam Sadhya

The majority of traditional Indian holidays revolve around food. Remember to add a lovely centerpiece on your Onam decor to-do list. Serve a wonderful Sadya on fresh banana leaves, cover your dining table with a lovely table runner, put some flowers and lamps in the centre, and you’ll have a genuine Indian experience. If finding fresh banana leaves sounds a little challenging, serve and enjoy this delectable meal with friends and family on your favorite classic brass dining set. If you’re searching for Onam decoration ideas to spruce up your dining space, consider including a background featuring a boat racing or Kathakali face art that brilliantly captures Kerala.

Onam Decorations That Are As Simple As Possible

onam decor
onam decor ideas simple

Looking for a sophisticated yet festive decor for your room that is discreet and minimalist? This straightforward Onam decor concept will win your heart if the answer is yes. All you need to do is put a little banana plant to the corner of your living room, some floating candles on the coffee table, and a bowl of jasmine. You can prepare for Onam by combining these basic decor pieces. If you appreciate basic home decor and want to celebrate this auspicious day in your own special style, but you have a busy job schedule, this design is ideal for you.

Here it is—a nicely compiled collection of Onam decoration suggestions fit for both elaborate events and modest gatherings. Pick a decorating concept that works for you, then just relax and take in the celebration. Additionally, now is the ideal moment to update the interior of your home if you’ve always wanted professional designers to create the perfect look for it. Getting your ideal home interiors is a piece of cake with our custom designs, simple EMI alternatives, an easy design process, and alluring discounts.

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