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Defence Park, BEML, and IIT, the Booming Phase of Palakkad Real Estate

Defence Park, BEML, and IIT, the Booming Phase of Palakkad Real Estate

Kerala is a state situated on the southern coast of India. It is widely recognized across the globe for its tourism and backwaters. National Geographic Traveler has deemed it one of the paradises on earth. When you visit Kerala, you will come across a beautiful blend of different culture and customs. Government of this state prioritizes education because of which it has the highest literacy rate. It has a tropical climate and lies eighty kilometres away from the equator.  But is it all that Kerala is known for? Despite being a small state, it is becoming a hub for real estate investment and opportunities. 

Many of the towns and cities of Kerala are gaining prominence for industrial infrastructure. They are in the booming phase of real estate development. Ottapalam is one such town. 

It is a picturesque town. It is located near Bharatpuzha river. If you visit this town, you will feel close to nature. This town is far away from the bustling noises and crowd of the cities. You can find innumerable palm streets lining the roads and streets. This town gained prominence during the reign of Zamorins of Calicut. 

Have you heard about India’s first Defence Industrial Park? Are you aware which state is fortunate enough to be selected for its execution? Well, it’s none other than Kerala. Moreover, it’s no surprise that the Union Government has selected Ottapalam for setting up India’s first Defence National Park. This proposal was made by Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation. It got approval from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. 

The development of the park will take place in line with the Make in India scheme. This park will be providing top-notch infrastructural facilities. It is being built to grab the attention of manufacturers who produce defence equipment. The park will be spread across sixty acres of land. Setting up of this park will enable India to increase its export. India will be purchasing defence related equipment from small enterprises. It will be then supplying it to other countries across the globe. This will also benefit the small enterprises in the long run and allow them to expand their business. 

Ottapalam is famous for its connectivity and strategic location.  This town lies in the district of Palakkad. This town has witnessed substantial growth in its population rate. Apart from being selected for India’s First Defence Park, the government is planning to build a film district in this town. This town is connected to several major towns such as Palakkad, Pattambi, Thrissur etc. Government buses ply in the city to take people from one town to another. You can reach this town not only via buses but directly through trains. Around seventy-four trains halt on Ottapalam Railway station. Isn’t it surprising for such a small town to be so well connected to other places!

Ottapalam has some well renowned educational institutions. Students from across the country flock to this city to get a quality education. Not to forget that this town is home to India’s most revered personalities. 

There will be certain common facilities provided in India’s First Defence Park. The list of facilities that will be provided are as follows:

  1. Electricity will be supplied round the clock without any power cut.
  2. People will have access to an uninterrupted power supply. 
  3. Arrangements will be made for effective communication.

There will be other facilities provided to the manufacturers of defence equipment. These facilities include 

  1. Rooms for storing all kinds of tools.
  2. A place that allows the manufacturers to test their equipments.
  3. A place which allows the manufacturers to train other people being incorporated into the group.
  4. A separate office space.
  5. A wing for research and development work.
  6. A warehouse for storing finished products etc. 

Bharat Earth Movers Limited, also known as BEML is a multi-faceted company. It works under the wings of Ministry of Defence. They provide refined products for various sectors. These sectors are listed as follows:

  1. Power
  2. Metro
  3. Railways
  4. Irrigation
  5. Coal
  6. Construction
  7. Mining
  8. Cement
  9. Aviation
  10. Steel, etc. 

This company is diverse in its functions. It has its business spread across the length and breadth of the entire country. It is prominent for its work in the engineering industry. This country has witness growth and doubled its revenues in the last forty years. Wondering what are its major businesses? Well, they are as follows:

  1. This company manufacturers earthmoving components. It is the second largest in Asia in this domain.
  2. It has its manufacturing plants in places like Palakkad, Bangalore, etc. They make different types of earthmoving equipment such as excavators, bulldozers etc.
  3. They make rail coaches that are used by the government for Indian Railways.
  4. They provide materials for metros function in Delhi and Bangalore

They are expanding their business with time. They are plunging into new divisions such as trading, technology etc. It’s no wonder they are India’s most favoured defence equipment manufacturer.

IIT Palakkad understands the importance of education. It has designed its curriculum to remain in line with changes that are sweeping the country. They provide diverse academic facilities to their students. These facilities are mentioned as follows:

  1. The building has eight rooms in total for teaching purposes.
  2. A seminar hall has been built for guest lectures.
  3. It houses an auditorium.
  4. It has a library and different labs for the students and teachers.
  5. All the classrooms are connected to IIT Madras and other renowned IITs across the country.
  6. An innovation lab also has been designed for students.

With so many developments taking place, the real estate market of Palakkad is witnessing a growth like never before. Real estate dealers in Palakkad district are hopeful of the transformation sweeping the district. Activities in Ottapalam and establishment of IIT in Palakkad are boosting the real estate market.

With the sweeping changes, who would not want to invest in this city? Are you planning to buy houses or property in any state of Kerala? If yes, you need to consider the booming phase of Palakkad real estate. At present, there is no better place than Palaakad, to invest in property. 

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