Advantages of buying a property in Joint Names Houses and Villas in Palakkad If you are looking for buying or renting a villa or a house in Palakkad, then you can contact OMG Properties for this. They provide the latest technology houses and villas are environment-friendly and with the latest amenities. This organization has over [...]
6 Tips to prepare your home for the summer Summer in Kerala It can be said that March to June is the time for summer in Kerala. Although sometimes the temperature starts soaring right from the month of February, the summer properly sets in from the month of March. The temperature may become as high [...]
Importance of Property Insurance Investing in a property is the investment of a lifetime for the common man. It is probably the biggest investment the common man makes in their lifetime. It is years of savings of the hard earned money. So, it is for the best that the savings do not go into a [...]
Tips to prepare your home for the monsoon No matter how much we love the rain, sleeping in the rain while it drenches us is not fun at all. As a matter of fact, we love the rain from inside our houses. Sitting beside the window, watching the raindrops fall on the leaves, the smell [...]
How to make your home more Eco-friendly You don’t have to take to the streets, hold banners and raise slogans to be an environmental crusader. You can stay at home and make a favourable difference, to the environment, by adopting eco-friendly practices, in your immediate surrounding. Eco-friendly living is the need of the hour and [...]
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