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14 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Location to Settle Down

14 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Location to Settle Down

If you are planning to change your residence location, and are moving to a new city or a state, you should consider a variety of factors to find the best place to settle down. Where should you go? Where will you feel at home? These are some complicated questions. There are many things to consider while choosing a location for your new home. If you are single, then this is not a big problem for you as not much planning is required. However, if you have a family then you have to face many other challenges such as safety; reachable location; availability of all amenities and schools etc.

Kerala is emerging as one of the best places for real estate investment and many big and small construction projects are going on in the state. In fact, one can find residential options for all kinds of budget. Here are some important factors to consider while searching for the best location to settle down in Kerala. These factors may help you to choose the best location for your new home.

Top 14 Factors to consider while choosing the location to settle down

Identify your requirements:
First of all, you should make a list of your requirements. This list will help you to identify your needs and expectations.
It is one of the main factors. Choose a place that suits your budget. No matter what your pay scale is, living comfortably is your first concern. Location, places nearby, size of the property, services, features and design etc play important roles in deciding the overall prices.
Transportation is another important factor. This is your daily routine need. You should go to a place where transportation of bus and train are easily available.
Connectivity with your friends and relatives is very important. This will help you very much to live in a new place. You should find a place where you can easily connect with other cities and transportation centers such as bus stand, railway stations and airports etc.
Employment Opportunities:
Employment opportunities are a very important factor to live in a new place. You should keep in mind the available career and job opportunities before moving to the new place. Start analyzing quality employment opportunities within your industry and then determine where the highest concentration of these jobs is located. Palakkad, Ottapalam and many other places are being developed these days for all kinds of property development. This is why they feature on most of the lists of the best location to settle down in Kerala.

Real estate value:
Buying a home is a large investment and you need to seriously consider its value. Before investing your money in a new home it’s important to research current home prices and the resale value of homes. You can check the price online; there are so many websites available for you.
Educational Institute:
A good education is very important for all children. The school and an educational system where you are located will also be an important factor when choosing a new home. You must also make sure that the schools and the institutes for your children are close to your house and your office.

14 factors to consider while choosing your home location

Crime Rate:
This is another one of the main factors. Nobody wants to live in a high-crime area. When choosing a place to live, you cannot ignore the crime rate of the area. So, research about the crime rate and always opt for a location where the crime rate is low.
Climate has a huge impact on people and is an important factor to consider when deciding on where to live. If you cannot bear the heat, warmer cities might not be right for you. And if you don’t like snow, areas where it snows in the winter, may not be for you. Fortunately, Kerala is wonderful place when it comes to climate. If you are thinking of moving somewhere different, make sure the different weather and make sure you are okay with the climate change before deciding to move.
It is very important that anywhere you live, you fit in and you feel welcomed into the community and culture there. If you are a private person and you live in a small city where everyone knows everyone, that might not be the right place for you. If you respect the religion, race, sexuality and ethic culture near you that will help in deciding whether this new location can become a new home for you.
Proximity to Family and Friends:
Your family and friends are your strength and it is another important factor to consider when choosing a new home that how far you may be from your family and friends.
Healthcare Facilities:
Healthcare facilities are important at any stage of life. So, when planning to move you need to check the healthcare facilities nearby you. If you have children and if you have your parents with you who are nearing retirement age then healthcare facilities are very important.
Proximity to an Airport:
If you travel a lot you may need to live in the proximity of an airport. If you live too far from the airport then traveling to the airport can become very time-consuming and very expensive for you.
Food Options:
If you are a food lover, you may want to try to find a place to live near to the grocery market, restaurants, fresh food market. Well, having a food market nearby is very important for all.
These are some important factors to consider while choosing the location to settle down. So, choose well and invest well.
Good luck with the home hunting!

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