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Why Choose Vaniyamkulam as Your Next Suburban Villa Destination

Why Choose Vaniyamkulam as Your Next Suburban Villa Destination

A dwelling away from the hustle and bustle of city life is perhaps every city dwellers dream. Imagine living far away from the din and pollution and fast-paced life. Well, that’s what Vaniyamkulam promises. The quaint little town has all the trappings that city dwellers seek, aka peace and old-world charm. There is something about the place that kindles a feeling of warmth within the soul.

So, why not pick Vaniyamkulam as your next suburban villa destination. Indeed, why not? The place has a distinct charm that makes you want to live here. Vaniyamkulam has this inane quality that makes you relax. There is a certain calmness about it that you don’t find in the city. And, if that hasn’t got you hooked then imagine this – it’s cheaper to live in houses in Vaniyamkulam, than anywhere in the city and the quality of life is far superior.

Gated communities in Vaniyamkulam

Luxurious houses for sale in Vaniyamkulam, within gated communities, offer a great advantage. The security system in place is reassuring; there is a feeling of community living and unmatched amenities that make life easy while boosting the quality of life. The aesthetically designed villas in Vaniyamkulam offer comfort, security and a healthful lifestyle. Your dream home awaits you – and buying a property here will prove to be a financially sound decision. 

The suburb is growing at a fast-pace and on the way to becoming the most coveted address. The residential areas are well-developed with an array of unmatched services. The infrastructure is already in place, with easily accessible hospitals, temples and markets etc. Developers and builders are offering villas for sale in Vaniyamkulam, suitable for different budgets.

Villas come with an added advantage of privacy and an open space around the built structure. In a gated community the property is independent, but amenities are for all residents to enjoy.

These dwellings are built in prime locations, near to the city centre. As such, the public conveniences are within easy reach. Schools and colleges, markets and shopping centres, banks, places of worship, medical institutions and other services are within comfortable driving distance.

Let’s walk you through some civic amenities in the vicinity –

Medical Facilities

The PK Das Institute of Medical Science is an ultra-modern super-speciality hospital, with seven super-speciality departments, namely, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, cardiology, urology, oncology and neurosurgery. The hospital also has general departments, such as general medicine, general surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, OBG, paediatrics, radiology, dentistry, dermatology, pulmonology, orthopaedics and psychiatry. 

It has a 24/7 emergency unit and well-trained and skilled doctors. A medical college is also attached to the hospital. It is an affordable and a reputed hospital, located close to the highway.

The Nehru College of Nursing is a Govt., approved institution run by the PK Das Institute of Medical Sciences. The college provides quality training to nursing students and is known for its hi-tech equipment and facilities.


Vaniyamkulam is home to several temples, some of which are of great historical significance. Prominent among these temples are –

  • Ariyankavu Temple
  • Ayyappa Temple in Panayur
  • Ayyapankavu in Cherukattupulam
  • Ayyappa Bhajana Madam
  • Killikavu temple in Pulachithra
  • Mariamman Temple
  • Murukan Kovil in Pulachithra
  • Pathamkulam Temple
  • Psharikkal Kavu
  • Siva Temple in Cherukattupulam
  • Siva temple in Kothayur
  • Panayur Siva temple
  • Swami Ayyappa Temple in Panayur


As far as connectivity is concerned, Vaniyankulam is well connected. The suburb has well-planned roads, which serves the residents. Moreover, NH 544 that passes through Palakkad links it to Bengaluru in Karnataka and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. NH 66 passing through Thrissur, connects the suburb to cities and towns in Kerala.

The closest airports are the Cochin International Airport and Calicut International Airport, both at a distance of roughly 75 km, from the town. Coimbatore Airport can also be accessed by road and is approximately 110 km away. The Ottapalam Railway Station and Shoranur Junction are the closest railway stations.

Suburban lifestyle

Tranquillity and a laidback lifestyle are what suburban living is all about. It is away from the maddening crowds and the chaos that exists in the city. And yet, the suburb offers every amenity. Moreover, since, it is a newly developed project, the planning and infrastructure are better designed, keeping in mind future expansion. 

Pollutions levels are almost non-existent, and lush greenery surrounds the residential complexes. It is a different world when compared to the concrete jungles that the cities have become. And the local people are friendly and honest.


Agriculture has always been a significant source of income in the suburb and continues to flourish. The Agriculture Dept. supports local farmers with schemes and arranges for them to sell their produce at weekly markets. The profits earned by the farmers is higher since they sell the products directly to the buyer. 

Mobile vegetable vans, introduced by the agriculture dept., ensures that the freshly harvested produce reaches the people. Unsold vegetables, if any, are sent to the local markets. 

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