Financial Planning before buying a house is one of the best things that you can do. Before you start planning the locality or planning the colour scheme of your house, you should plan your finances. Initial planning is very important as it will determine all the major aspects of the home purchase. How much loan [...]
Buying your own home is a dream that can now be fulfilled more easily. With the announcement of the schemes such as ‘Houses for all by 2020’ the subscribers of the EPFO scheme can now withdraw up to 90% of the Provident Fund. Now, coming to the other hand, many suburban areas in India are [...]
Palakkad is emerging as one of the hottest districts for residential properties. A number of construction projects are going on in the district and the place is going to become a hub of residential properties of all scales and flavours. Blessed with loads of natural beauty and amazing location that has many tourist attractions all-around, [...]
Vastu Tips for Positive Energy At Home Palakkad is growing as a major choice for residences in recent times. There are many small, medium and large-sized building and construction companies that are developing the area. This has considerably piqued the interests of the people and they are buying houses in Palakkad. If you are also [...]
Advantages of buying a property in Joint Names Houses and Villas in Palakkad If you are looking for buying or renting a villa or a house in Palakkad, then you can contact OMG Properties for this. They provide the latest technology houses and villas are environment-friendly and with the latest amenities. This organization has over [...]
Tips to prepare your home for the summer Summer in Kerala It can be said that March to June is the time for summer in Kerala. Although sometimes the temperature starts soaring right from the month of February, the summer properly sets in from the month of March. The temperature may become as high as [...]


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