Villa or flat

Despite the fact that some purchasers may have the choice of buying flats or villas, the fundamental distinctions between the two frequently influence the choice of a property. The price difference between flats and villas, for instance, maybe a key deciding factor. Basic differences¬†between Villas &Apartments The main distinction between a villa and an apartment […]

onam decor

Your home will feel ¬†festive thanks to these Onam decoration ideas, and your heart will be filled with joy. Kerala celebrates Onam, a harvest festival, as a way to thank King Mahabali, who is said to visit each Malayali home at this lucky time of year. This ten-day celebration is a major event for the […]

interior design of the home

Do you feel anxious in an exceedingly unheroic room? Is the yellow color cause you to feel calm? Artists and interior contrivers have long believed that color can dramatically affect moods, passions, and feelings.” Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” the artist carver formerly remarked. Color psychology could be an important factor […]

Premium villa in Kerala

OMG Properties is always with customers to turn their dreams into reality. In the past decade, we had handed over numerous projects in all budget brackets across Kerala. Being one of the leading builders in Kerala, we offer premium villas in Palakkad, Thrissur, Ottapalam, and Angamaly. Our business revolves around these factors: Quality: OMG properties […]

Rising Construction Costs: Reservation & Pricing Benefits in Real Estate

Real estate has been down during the pandemic period. It bounced back as the fear of disease subsided. The ease of restrictions, reduced interest rates by the Reserve Bank of India to boost the sector, and exclusive deals from the property developers acted in favor of the sector. Construction and development have recently begun to […]

Paddy And Wetland Act 2008 -Facts Behind Kerala Agri Land Utilization

Human activities have been destroying the environment in several ways. Climate change, increased carbon footprint, elevated pollution levels, and destruction of the ozone layer have been some of the most evident effects of unruly construction and development, unchecked emissions, and unethical business activities. Government bodies and NGOs have been implementing corrective measures to reduce the […]

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