Stamp Duty Rates and Charges on Property in Kerala

Stamp duty rates
Stamp Duty Rates and Charges on Property in Kerala

Palakkad is emerging as one of the hottest districts for residential properties. A number of construction projects are going on in the district and the place is going to become a hub of residential properties of all scales and flavours. Blessed with loads of natural beauty and amazing location that has many tourist attractions all-around, Palakkad is going to be one of the major suburbs of the region. If you are also planning to Buy houses in Palakkad, then, read the following post. We have compiled a detailed post regarding the stamp duty rates and charges on the property in Kerala.

At the time of buying property, you have to pay the stamp duty; registration charges; and cess etc. Find all about these extra charges that you have to pay if you Buy villas in Palakkad.

Stamp Duty – What is it?

  • This is the fees that you have to pay at the time of transferring the property to your name. This fee is levied by the State Government on all the documents that you need for the property registration.
  • Every state has a different Stamp Duty as per the norms of the Government.
  • As per Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, you have to pay the Stamp Duty for registering any property in your name.
  • This fee is charged for the verification of documents that are required for the registration process. The registration document will be an absolute and legal proof that indicates the name of the owner. Hence, it has the final say in deciding who the owner of a property is.
  • If you don’t complete the registration or don’t submit the Stamp Duty, you will not be able to call a property your own.
  • Hence, you must complete the registration process and submit the Stamp Duty if you Buy villas in Palakkad.

Factors that decide the value of Stamp Duty:

  • The age of the owner plays a crucial role in deciding the amount of Stamp Duty. The senior citizens are given subsidy on the Stamp Duty charges in all states.
  • Likewise, the women are also offered a rebate on the Stamp Duty. Men have to pay 2% extra charges as compared to women. This is why most of the people opt for women when it comes to registration of some property.
  • The Stamp Duty charges are decided on the basis of the property age as well. The market value of the property is also considered. As the old properties have less Stamp Duty, if you are going to Buy villas in Palakkad, the Stamp Duty will be more.
  • The Stamp Duty Charges of the Commercial Buildings are more as compared to the residential buildings.
  • The properties located in the posh areas have a larger fee as compared to the other areas. This is because of the type, number and grade of services and amenities available there.
  • If you want to avail any extra amenity on your property, then you have to pay more Stamp Duty. The State Government has a list of 20 amenities that come at a high price.

Calculation of Stamp Duty Charges:

  • The charges are calculated keeping a lot of things in mind. First of all, the total market value is considered. The expensive properties have a higher fee and the cheaper ones have a smaller Stamp Duty.
  • The State Government has a full chart in which every single thing has a different fee. For example, the gender of the owner, age of the owner, area in which the property is located, extra amenities that the owner has opted for and any other special regulations for the type of property.
  • You can download the list of Stamp Duty and Fees online as well and check all the fees before you Buy houses in Palakkad.

Documents Required for Stamp Duty Payment and Registration of the Property:

  • Sale Deed raised in the seller’s name
  • Khata and BBMP Certificate
  • Power of Attorney
  • Tax receipts of the past 3 months
  • Joint Development Property Documents
  • All registered previous agreements
  • Conversion Order
  • Latest Bank Statements
  • Electricity Bills and Sale Agreement
  • 7/12 Extract
  • Sanctioned Building Plan
  • Occupancy Certificate issued by the builder

Any other case-specific documents and fees might be applicable that varies from property to property.

These are the basic things that you should know before you set out to Buy houses in Palakkad. Read all the rates and special fee in the official circular provided at:

Vastu tips for positive energy at home
Vastu Tips for Positive Energy At Home

Palakkad is growing as a major choice for residences in recent times. There are many small, medium and large-sized building and construction companies that are developing the area. This has considerably piqued the interests of the people and they are buying houses in Palakkad. If you are also planning to buy houses in Palakkad or some other form of residential establishment, then read the following post. It has some really beneficial and highly effective Vastu tips for positive energy at home. Read them carefully and follow them to create a lovable, positive and content aura in your homes.

Vastu Tips for positive energy at home

  • Keep the entrance unobstructed and open:

It is one of the most beneficial Vaastu tips that you should follow no matter what. This is highly crucial to let the positive energy enter your home. Apart from having the main entrance open, you should always ensure that there is no obstruction in the way and that there is no window or door right in front of it. This type of situation basically lets the positive energy leave your home as soon as it enters. So, avoid it.

  • Keep the home clean and organized

It is important to keep your home organized and free of a chaotic mess. Chaos attracts chaos and mess is a perfect storehouse of the negative energy. To make sure that your home stays full of positive energy, you should never let the clutter spread in your home. The toys; utensils; any other commodity that has broken, should be thrown away – it will not let negative energy to manifest in any form in your home.

  • Magnetic Colours

There are some colours that are associated with positive energy. White, earth colour and all the colours of a rainbow are extremely auspicious and a harbinger of positive energy. These colours fill your homes with absolutely pure and vibrant energy. Keep the extremely dark colours away for a home that spells peace and harmony. 

  • Mirrors

Mirrors have always been associated with energy and its various forms. Mirrors reflect energy in all forms. Hence, they reflect positive as well as negative energy. Hence, you should place them on walls at strategic locations. You should not have mirrors in your bedrooms if you wish to have a peaceful sleep. Mirrors attract a lot of energy and thus, the energetic confluence in the room makes it hard to enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

  • Let nature bring peace and harmony in your home:

Install some indoor plants in rustic planters that are directly associated with nature and natural elements. Money plant; plants that bear flowers and bamboo are some lucky plants that are recommended by the Vasstu Experts. So, if you are planning to buy readymade houses in Palakkad; don’t forget to have a small indoor garden or indoor planters in your new home.

  • Wind Chimes

Basically, the tradition of having doorbells at the entrance has a deeper meaning to it other than just being the announcer of any new person’s arrival. Music brings positive energy and is thus extremely auspicious at the entrance of your homes. You should install some lovely wind chimes that create superb music when they come in contact with the wind. Let the music bring lots of peace and positive energy in your homes.

  • Fresh and Fragrant homes

It is important to have a home that is fresh and fragrant at all times. A bad smelling home is a perfect storehouse of bad energy. Keep your homes fragrant with fresh flowers; incense and other such essentials. Don’t let any kind of stench build-up in your home to keep the negative energies at bay.

  • Keeping the statues of gods

Always keep some statue or images of the gods or any other religious symbol in your home. If you can install it on some height, it is even better. These statues and religious symbols create a powerful source of positive energy in your home and keep the overall atmosphere full of harmony and peace.

  • Don’t keep trash in front of your home:

Keeping trash in front of your home will only bring negative energy to your home. Hence, don’t let the trash build-up in your homes and keep the trash cans in the backside. Make sure you empty them on a daily basis.

These are some tips that you should follow to keep your new houses in Palakkad full of positive energy at all times. Combine the feeling of having a new home with the best Vaastu tips and create a lovely aura in your home that brings peace to all the residents.